Through the Forgotten Realms

Action at last!
3rd Eleasias

The sun starts to shine through your room’s shutters, and you hear a rooster crowing somewhere else.
You hear footsteps coming from the other rooms, both above, under and from the sides, some of the guests are already up, and maybe your partners are too.
A new day as arrived, and today, you have things to do.

(Arriving order to the inn’s lobby will be the answering order)

Map I – The Devil’s Fire Tavern


1 – Barkeeper
2 – Bouncer
3 – Bouncer
4 – Fat merchant

Map II – The Devil’s Fire Tavern


Map III – The Devil’s Fire Tavern


5 – Cook
First Day Debriefing
2nd Eleasias

Lureene gets back in her room, tired from wandering the whole day through the shipwards, looking for clues about the Devil’s Fire Tavern and Corwyn Jaffe. She puts down her stuff on her room’s counter and let’s herself fall on the bed, lying awake while waiting for their companions.

(Playing order: Saevel, Aravilar, Dorn, Stollig and Lureene)
The Quest
2nd Eleasias

A new day. The sun just gave the first glimpse of its bright face and people are starting to get out to the streets of Melvaunt.

You’re still in your rooms, when someone knocks…

“Good morning sir, it’s the house servant” – says a voice from the other side of the room – “Lady Lureene requests your presence in her room.”

And after that short indication, you hear footsteps of someone walking through the corridor, away from your door.

(Playing order: Dorn, Saevel, Stollig, Aravilar and Lureene)
Whispers in the Night
1st Eleasias

The party has been assembled: five adventurers from five different places, all from diverse backgrounds and with their own their exquisite personal histories… What the future (and the DungeonMaster) has in store for them is something that only time (and the DungeonMaster) will tell…

But for now, their real adventures are just beginning, as Lureene knocks at Saevel’s room’s door.


The Gathering
1st Eleasias

Melvaunt, the City of Swords… Melvaunt squats on the Moonsea’s northern coast, lit by a thousand forges. It is a city of metalsmiths and merchants, where slaves are traded on the open market but laws are made behind closed doors. Smoke from the workshops hangs like a black curtain over the city, warning away would-be conquerors from Zhentil Keep as well as the savage inhabitants of Thar.
Those who live in Melvaunt either ally themselves with one of the three ruling families or keep their heads low as they go about their daily business. Much of that business revolves around industries that service the craftsmen and sailors that make Melvaunt their home. The city does a bustling trade in a wide variety of goods, most coming in by ship from Mulmaster or other towns across the Moonsea.
Melvaunt is cold and clammy, with a persistent mist that defines the city in the eyes of many foreigners. This moisture mixes with the smoke and ash to kill most traces of vegetation, and it leaves an oily residue on buildings, ships, and people.


This is where you are. One way or another, you ended up here after some small quests or errands and now seek new adventures, and maybe a partnership or two to give you access to more rewarding ones.
You’re all inside The Breakwater main room, now far from its days of glory, this inn is now much less abuzz and so you can afford some nights in a comfort room that for some of would seem as luxurious as a king’s chambers should be.

(PC participants: Aravilar, Saevel, Stollig)

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