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How Does This Work

Long story short:
- The DM lays the encounters/situations under the form of posts in the Adventure Log tab
- The encounter/situation is solved under the form of comments (both from the DM and the PCs, who comment on the specified order or on special occasions if indicated by the DM) about that post
- Once the encounter/situation is solved the DM opens a new post for the next one
- Narrative action in the posts should be in italic while the direct speech should be in normal letters but preceded by the talking character’s name in bold
- Doubts outside the roleplaying should be in “h6 size” and between brackets if included in the posts or sent by the platform’s mailing system to the DM
- By the way, don’t mind going to the Forum or Calendar tabs, those are only for people who pay for them so we don’t have access

House Rules and Requests

Rule number 1 – Be polite (please)
Rule number 2 – No cheating on the dice results (the DM may get pissed off if you never miss one hit)
Rule number 3 – No personal conversation on the adventure log (use the message system for that)
Rule number 4 – Refrain from seeing the stats on character sheets other than yours (let’s keep it fair)

Useful Tools

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General Information

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Gaming Tips

Things the DM says when we wants to feel like a generous god

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