Through the Forgotten Realms

Action at last!

3rd Eleasias

The sun starts to shine through your room’s shutters, and you hear a rooster crowing somewhere else.
You hear footsteps coming from the other rooms, both above, under and from the sides, some of the guests are already up, and maybe your partners are too.
A new day as arrived, and today, you have things to do.

(Arriving order to the inn’s lobby will be the answering order)

Map I – The Devil’s Fire Tavern


1 – Barkeeper
2 – Bouncer
3 – Bouncer
4 – Fat merchant

Map II – The Devil’s Fire Tavern


Map III – The Devil’s Fire Tavern


5 – Cook


Aravilar goes down to the hall and stands in front of a window, looking outside.

Action at last!

You hear the metal tinkling of someone dressed in armor coming down the stairs. It’s Dorn, and, as soon as he reaches the end of the stairs, he walks towards you.

Dorn: “Aye master elf! You don’t talk much don’t you?”

(Those who haven’t yet arrived don’t need to wait for the end of the conversation Dorn just started with Aravilar, you can come during its length)
Action at last!

Stollig: “Aye to you all…”

Looking around and noticing that only a few are up.

Stollig: “I see that my lazy fellows don’t like to fell the good mana of the dawn. Shell we woke-up our dear sleepyheads?”

Action at last!

Saevel, after a long night of sleep, decides to finally wake up. Climbing down the stairs he notices that almost everyone was already there, so he hurries to join them.

Saevel: “Good morning, sorry for my delay.”

Action at last!

At last, Lureene climbs down the stairs, wearing her armor under the clerical garments of which sport the holy symbol of Lathander and bearing an heavy mace, the typical weapon of the priesthood of the Morninglord.

Lureene: “Good morning my fellow companions. Can we part for the Devil’s Fire Tavern or does anyone have anything to deal with before we go?”

Dorn looks with askance to Aravilar, seeming as if he was about to start a strife, but then he shudders his shoulders and states:

Dorn: “No m’lady, everything’s just fine…”

Action at last!

The party then proceeds to the tavern. As they reach its door, they notice the reddish glow that emanates from the building’s windows, and which gave the tavern its very on name.
The party enters the tavern, and they see two men arguing at the corner table – a pirate-looking one and a fat merchant – the barkeeper and two bouncers – one human sitting by the bar and one half-orc leaned on the fireplace.

(See map I for details)

As soon as they entered, the pirate-loking man by the corner table quickly nods his head at the bouncers, who unsheathe their weapons, and darts running through the room, going for the corridor behind the bar.
Saevel, seeing the thugs getting combat-ready and moving onward to them, wastes no time and runs for the half-orc, attacking and hitting him with both his longsword and rapier, clearly weaking his opponent.
Almost at the same time, Dorn pulls his waraxe from his belt and charges the thug by the bar, bringing down his weapon on the attackers chest and killing him on the spot, splattering blood all over the the place.
Lureene and Stollig, by their turns, see the pirate making a run for it and try to run after him, though the cleric’s heavy armor and the gnome’s small legs clearly impede them from sprinting at full speed.
Aravilar, who was the last in line and had not been able to see anything of what was going on inside the tavern, seeing only his companions rushing inside and hearing the sounds of battle darts inside, and once there sees the barkeeper pulling out a loaded crossbow from under the bar and shoots at him, failing the shot and nailing an arrow on the bottle closet behind the enemy.
Seeing this, the barkeeper quickly aims at the ranger and shoots his massive crossbow, though due to lack of skill or excess of stress he too fails the shot.
While all this goes on, the fatso who was arguing with the pirate hides behing the table screaming:

Fat merchant: “I’m not with them! Don’t kill me please!”

The battle goes on and Saevel gets severely hit as the half-orc brings his club on the elf’s head, making both Lureene and Stollig to give up on the pirate’s pursuit – who runs into one of the tavern’s other rooms – and go help him, though in the end it is Saevel himself who kills the thug by thrusting his longsword through his opponent chest.
During that fight Dorn and Aravilar also kept fighting, going both for the barkeeper. As Dorn was going around the bar to face him, Aravilar seased the opportunity that the barkkeper created through starting to recharge his crossbow to run back and knock down a table in order to get some cover. Dorn then reaches the foe and gets surprised as he picks a bottle and hurls it at the dwarf, which gets out of it unharmed as the bottle gets smashed in his metal armor, Aravilar then shoots another arrow, hitting the barkeeper on the shoulder and giving Dorn a chance to smash his axe sideways at the enemy’s head, rendering him helpless and leaving him completely groggy on the floor.

As Dorn keeps his hold on the now submissive barkeeper and Lureene tends to Saevel’s head wound, Aravilar points his bow at the merchant, making sure he won’t go nowhere before they say so, and Stollig goes check the room to where the pirate had run into, finding it empty – with the exception of some barrels and a makeshift bed on a loft over those.

(See map II)

As Stollig comes back and states that the room is empty, for the surprise of everyone, Saevel goes check the other room, finding it to be the kitchen. Inside the kicthen and backwards to Saevel there’s the cook, which seems strangely unaware of the battle that just took place in the tavern’s main room.
The elf fighter then sneak and submits him, holding him by the neck with his sword pressed against his back. The cook, surprised by this sudden attack on his person, starts to scream and shake his arms wildly, asking what his going on, and as Saevel’s answers and threats seem to have on effect on him, the elf quickly depreends that he is deaf.

(See map III)

During Saevel’s time in the kitchen, Lureene and Stollig approach the merchant, who was beeing kept in line by the constant threat of Aravilar’s readied bow.

Lureene: What were you doing in here, what kind of deal were you trying to make with that other man?"

Fat merchant: Nothing, nothing, it was just a… a… a wine shipment! Yes! I was trying to buy him wine for a… a party him going to host! I have no idea why he ran, it was just wine…

Says the merchant whit a babbling voice, to which Aravilar promptly replies, with an agressive and inflexive voice:

Aravilar: The truth, now!

Lureene: Aravilar! Stand back!… Just tell us the truth and we will let you go, we won’t even report whatever it is that you were doing to the city guard.

Fat merchant: Well… The truth is that that man wanted sell me a slave shipment… But I wasn’t even going to buy it! Those were cursed goods! The slaves all have a strange tattoo and don’t even speak common!

Lureene: Hmm… Okay, go. And never try to buy slaves again, otherwise…

Says the young cleric, pointing to the wild elf.

Just as the greasy merchant leaves the taver, Saevel gets back in the room pushing the deaf cook in front of him, bringing Stollig to ask:

Stollig: Hey, who’s that?

Saevel: Seems like he is the cook, found him in the kitchen. Almost completely deaf and unharmful, but might know something…

Dorn: Sure, lets interrogate him first, ‘cause this one ain’t going nowhere.


Says the illusionist, almost screaming so that the man could hear him.

Deaf Cook: Who?

Lureene: Your employer.


Deaf Cook: No idea, I was just in the kitchen peeling off potatoes for a soup…

Said the old man with a truly innocent look.


Deaf Cook: Slaves?! Which slaves?! I just cook what they me to! Can I go now?…

Saevel: Yes, go. You’re free.

Deaf Cook: What did you just say?…


As the poor sod who cooked at the shady tavern you broke in left the place, you all turned to the barkeeper.

Dorn: Let’s ask this one then… What about the slaves you bastard?

Barkeeper: I don’t know where they are…

Said the man, spitting blood and even one tooth.

Dorn: You sure?

Asked Dorn, pressing his boot on the man’s arrow wound.

Lureene: Dorn, STOP!

Dorn: Why? He’s just a worthless bastard after all!

Lureene: Doesn’t matter!

Aravilar: We are in the midddle of an interrogation. Stop fighting, now.

Dorn: Hmm… I guess you’re right elf… So, you sure?

Asks Dorn once again to the barkeeper, this time with a typical dawrven maniac grin.

Barkeeper: Yes! Yes, I’m sure!

Saevel: What do you know on the slave matter?

Barkeeper:The slaves are weird… They are… Outlandish… Don’t seem to speak anything understandable and have strange tatoos on their arms and foreheads… But that’s just what I heard, I never actually saw them…

Saevel: And where did the other ma…

Stollig: And who is the other man? The one who ran away?

Barkeeper: He’s the boss around here… Corwyin Jaffe…

Saevel: And where did he go?

Barkeeper: Into his room… Are you people blind?…

Stollig: Yeah, right… Then why is it empty?

Barkeeper: What? How? I have no idea were he went then! There must be a secret passage or something!…

Aravilar: Give me the tavern keys…

Barkeeper: Wha…

Before the wounded man even finishes his sentence, you hear the sound of metal against bone as Dorn hits him on the back of his head and he falls down unconscious.

Stollig: Well, I guess that works too…

Action at last!

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